Big Waves Can Make Standing On A Seawall Dangerous (And Deadly)

Four Rescued And One Person Perishes At Redondo Beach Jetty

Redondo Beach big waves
Spectators watch from rocks by the Chart House.

Nature can be beautiful, peaceful yet also powerful and awe-inspiring to the soul.

And it can also be dangerous.

Four people found out about the latter while watching the former, and it’s a waning to those who want to see nature up close: don’t get too close to it.

A swell of waves were crashing into a jetty in Redondo Beach, CA, on a late February night and those four people got too close to it; they needed to be rescued while one– sadly – died.

Surfside Sam was in the vicinity but was watching from beyond the beach; apparently those people were actually on the jetty. And this is a warning to everyone – respect the awesome power of Mother Nature!

Don’t go climbing on a jetty when big waves are crashing onto it. Don’t stand on the edge of a rocky cliff that’s unstable, don’t walk out onto a frozen pond or lake just to test the thickness of the ice, or do other foolish things because they can be dangerous and even deadly.

Big waves can be particularly deceiving because initially they may not appear to be a threat to where you are standing.

But then suddenly, a much bigger swell can hit without warning and suddenly you are swept up in a rush of water and sometimes out to sea. Then there’s a huge current pulling you away from the shore and you’re overwhelmed by the situation.

So when you go observe nature, do so from a safe distance.  Get close enough to see and admire, but not so close that you’re literally caught up in it.