Redondo Beach’s Yellow Submarine A Top King Harbor Attraction

Submersible Tour Provides Underwater Look At Fish

Skipper Casey Kajiuama takes the boat out on its King Harbor adventure.


Did you know there is a submarine in Redondo Beach?

A yellow submarine, at that (and it has nothing to do with The Beatles).

Neither did I, but it’s there and after taking a ride on it I can tell you it’s one of the coolest things to do at the Redondo Pier.

It’s actually not quite a submarine, but a submersible, the Looking Glass. The brochure and a banner proclaim it as a “glass bottom boat” but the glass is actually on the side.

No matter, because it’s great!

Can you believe there's all these fish in King Harbor!?


There are tons of fish that come out for the submarine's feeding.


The glass bottom boat actually has two glass side panels.
A sea lion looks in at the people in the boat.


The boat – which is docked in King Harbor directly in front of Kegs beer bar (that’s just down from Naja’s) – will open your eyes to the life under the water practically right under your nose. It stops against the rocks of the jetty and you see hundreds of fish.

It starts out by circling around a floating platform in the middle of the channel that is the hangout of many of the harbor’s sea lions. As it is explained, they are sea lions, not seals. The boat slowly circles around enabling you to get plenty of up-close shots of the creatures that you often may only catch a distant glimpse of from the shore.

The Looking Glass boat is a great Redondo Beach activity.


The tour includes an up-close look at sea lions.


The sea lions relax and you can, too, from this vantage point.


The skipper – it was the jovial and informative Casey Kajiama when Surfside Sam was aboard – then instructs passengers to go below, where the world below the surface is revealed. The boat passes through kelp and you’ll see several of California’s state fish, the bright orange garibaldi.

And a few minutes later, it’s a feeding frenzy. The skipper drops bait into the water and suddenly, hundreds of fish come into view. It’s amazing that there are that many fish in this harbor, and the stream of the fish never ends. Except when Surfside Sam was on the tour, all the fish disappeared with one quick jolt, as if shot out of a cannon.

A sea lion had appeared on the scene and swam around the boat, sending the fish scattering for the safety of the rocks. The sea lion seemed less interested in food as he did in entertaining us on the boat, as he (or she) peered into the windows as if to say, “hey, what’s going on in there folks!?”

The entire journey takes less than half an hour and costs just $15, $10 for kids.

This is a great adventure to do if you are a tourist, a local, young or simply young at heart. It’s great if you’re on a date or even in a fun party group trying to figure out what to do before you go into Kegs, Naja’s or waiting for Happy Hour to start at Kincaid’s or to catch the sunset with a Fire Chief at Old Tony’s.

The boat departs daily from 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

There are also pedal bots ($10), kayaks ($15 single, $25 doubles) and stand-up paddleboards ($15/hr) to rent.

It’s website is: