Shocked By The High Price Of Flip Flops

Flipping Out Over $70 Beach Footwear

Flip Flop Prices
Yes, that is indeed a $70 price tag on a pair of flip flops.

I blew out my flip flops the other day.

They were flopping around as the bottoms began to unravel and already I was holding in the toe piece with duct tape (hey, I’m from the South!).

Finally, even the duct tape could no longer hold and the toe “assembly” for lack of a better word, came out of the socket. Done.

The flip flops’ last moments were spent at the San Diego OTL, so if they had to go out, that was a fitting ending to a fitting place for a piece of footwear that defines the casual beach lifestyle.

So the next week – dressed in tennis shoes – I went to the local beach stores looking for new flip flops.

And I was stunned at the prices.

Flip Flop Prices
A price of $60 is not uncommon for a pair of flip flops.

The first price tag I flipped over stated $55. Fifth-five dollars for flip flops!

But that was only the beginning. Still others were $60 and it didn’t take long to find some costing $70.

Eventually, store employee to come over to me but they should have sent a paramedic, because I was having a sticker shock heart attack.

After all, what’s a pair of flip flops anyway – just a simple, basic piece of plastic with a thin layer of cloth, between you and the ground.   The markup on these things has to be astronomical, even factoring in the manufacturing, labor, distribution and a cut for the retail outlet.

The best you can hope to get out for is $35 for a good pair that will last a few years. Fortunately, our local stores are also selling cheapo flip flops in the $20 range.

Since I need a pair immediately for the big beach bash known as Smackfest, the cheapos is probably the route I’ll go for now. This will give me time to mentally adjust to the cost of the good flip flops.

Then again, by that time, maybe even 70 bucks will seem like a bargain.