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Ventura Surf Rodeo Features Surfing Competitons, Music & A Beer Garden

Two-Day Festival Is July 11-12 In 2015

Ventura Surf Rodeo
The Ventura Surf Rodeo attracts thousands of people for the outdoor street fair.


It’s not a surfing safari as the Beach Boys sang about, but a surf rodeo, which other bands will be singing about in Ventura, CA.

The Ventura Surf Rodeo, taking place July 11-12, is an outdoor street fair and festival that features surfing competitions, bands and a beer garden.

It’s held at Pierpont Beach from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. It starts with the surf competitions, the street fair opens at 10 a.m., and it picks up momentum when the beer garden opens and the bands start to play at 10:30 a.m. Craft beers are only $5 in the beer garden, by the way.

The bands include Pato Banton, Jukebox 101, The Iron Outlaws, Aggrolites, Vokab Kompany and GrooveSession.

Surf legends Adam Virs and Mike McCabe are also shaping custom boards to auction for charity.

This is a ticketed event, $20 each day and $30 for both days. On site, they can be purchased at:
– Dukes Griddle and Grill 1124 S. Seaward Ave. Ventura
– Surf N Yogurt 1038 S. Seaward Ave. Ventura
– Social Tap 1105 S. Seaward Ave. Ventura
– Avenue Thrift Store 222 Ventura Ave. Ventura
– Mavericks Gym 5171 Telegragh Rd. Ventura

Parking is available in the lot along Seaward Ave. between Harbor Blvd and Pierpont Blvd. There will be a $10 charge. Additional paid parking can be found at the Marriott parking structure as well as at the public pay lot at the north end of Pierpont Blvd.

No parking is allowed in Marina Village.

The event’s official website is: surfrodeo.org.


Free Surf Lessons Along The Calfornia Coast For Indie Film Project

Director Gregory Scott Documenting Surfing From San Diego To Oregon

Gregory Scott, who started making films when he was – no kidding – 5 years old – is surfing up the California coast all the way to Oregon, giving surf lessons along the way.

He’s documenting it for an Indie film called Pacific Green Xtreme. Surfside Sam was in Manhattan Beach on consecutive days to see him give lessons – the thrill of the people when they stand up brings a smile to everyone’s face – and the next one is a beach party in Venice o Sunday, Aug. 17, from noon-4 p.m.

The location is the lifeguard station at the Rose parking lot.

Why? To spread the word of surfing and to expose the activity to as many people as possible.

Plus, its going back to his childhood. He first got behind the camera as a 5-year-old director and suddenly was an international star. By the time most of us had walked through the elementary school doors for the first time, he had already appeared on Entertainment Tonight, Oprah and the Arsenio Hall Show, among others.

Now, he’s getting behind the camera again to document not just surfing all the way from California to Oregon, but he’s giving back to people along the way with the surf lessons.

For more on the film, and to contribute to the making of it, go to: www.indiegogo.com/projects/pacific-green-xtreme-a-documentary


Redondo Beach Honors Body Glove’s Bob and Bill Meistrell With Statue

New Local Landmark Located At Seaside Lagoon

Local legends and businessmen Bob and Bill Meistrell have been honored with a statue in their honor by the city of Redondo Beach, CA.

It was unveiled during a ceremony in early June that attracted approximately 100 people, all fans of surfing and what the brothers did for the sport and the community.

Located at the entrance to the Seaside Lagoon, the statue shows the brothers as L.A. County Lifeguards before they created the Neoprene wetsuit that led to the creation of the Body Glove company.

The statue was commissioned by the Meistrell family from a 1948 photo of the twin brothers. It was sculpted by artist Chris Barela – who was a professional surfer sponsored by Body Glove – who created a brilliant finish known as a patina. The $160,000 price tag was covered through individual $100 donations and larger private contributions, and those who contributed have their names on bricks at the statue.

It’s a great addition to Redondo Beach and is an instant landmark. Eventually, it could be the city’s equivalent of the Hollywood sign.

It’s on Portofino Way near Joe’s Crab Shack and the Portofino Hotel and BALEENKitchen restaurant and bar, just behind the King Harbor parking lot.So it’s fairly prominently placed where people can see it, and also get their picture by it.

Additionally, Seaside Lagoon hosts several events throughout the year, including a 4th of July celebration, Lobsterfest the third week of September and the beer garden for the Super Bowl 10K in February.

The statue is at 200 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, CA.

Redondo Beach Meistrell brothers statue
A statue honoring the Meistrell brothers stands at the entrance to Seaside Lagoon.


Redondo Beach Meistrell brothers statue
Locals crowd around the Meistrell brothers statue after its unveiling.


Redondo Beach Meistrell brothers statue
The Meistrell brothers keep watch over Seaside Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean.

Locals Flooding Oahu’s North Shore For Massive Waves At Sunset Beach

Massive 50-Foot Waves Brings Gawkers And Bumper-To-Bumper Traffic

North Shore waves
People line the street to see the massive North Shore waves. Photo; Hawaii News Now

Locals, normally to laid-back to care, are excited about the massive waves hitting Hawaii.

They are clogging the highway to the North Shore to check out the scene. Traffic is bumper-to-bumper, making the highway resemble the 4-5 freeway in Los Angeles at rush hour.

Cars are lined up on the edge of the road and people are watching as huge waves are crashing down seeming right in front of them.

Hopefully, they are doing it from a safe distance because it’s not wise to tempt nature just to get a good photo to put on Facebook or Instagram. The huge waves are a result of a Pacific storm that’s bringing high surf not just to Hawaii but all up and down the California coast, as well.

If you are going to join them, be patient. There’ s only one road in and out of the North Shore and it’s a slow two-lane burn. Make a day of it, in fact. Stop at the shrimp trucks for garlic shrimp. Have some shaved ice or a plate lunch and pie from Ted’s Bakery.

Here’s a slideshow of the waves: www.hawaiinewsnow.com/slideshow?widgetid=102159&utm_content=buffere9264&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Huntington Beach U.S. Open Of Surfing Crowd Solutions

It’s Not The Crowds But The Type Of Crowds That Cause Trouble

U.S. Open of Surfing crowd
The U.S. Open of Surfing attracts crowds, but in large part the wrong kinds of crowds.

The U.S. Open of Surfing belongs in Huntington Beach, CA, a city that proclaims itself (despite protests from the north in Santa Cruz) as being Surf City, USA.

But after what happened in 2013, when a handful of the tens of thousands of well-behaved people in attendance went off the deep end and caused a small riot, there are changes coming to the event. And as someone who has spent quite a bit of time in Huntington Beach and who has been to the event in past years, I have a few suggestions for the future.

It basically comes down to this: It’s not the size of the crowds that are the problem, it’s they type of crowds the event is now attracting. You would think it would be all laid-back surfers and girls in bikinis, but it’s mostly teenagers and “extreme behavior” individuals and groups.

So the first suggestion is to tone down the event. It’s really not about surfing anymore, it’s an expo of extreme sports driven more by sponsor dollars to bring in big crowds of young, extreme-minded people. There’s skateboarding and BMX bikes with grandstands and a huge midway of sponsor tents.  You could spend the day at the U.S. Open of Surfing and never see a surfer catch a wave. (For the record,  I find the jumps of BMX bikes fascinating to watch but tire quickly of the skateboard stunts.)

Unfortunately, some of the people attracted to these extreme events, and the kind of “radical” mindset associated with it, think they must display extreme behavior. They think doing things like shoving a stop sign through the window of a bike shop is cool. (WHY exactly they think that is cool, I cannot begin to imagine.)

Add to this the fact that even during normal times, Huntington Beach attracts somewhat of a rugged group along its Main Street establishments. There are people in a few places – and most certainly not all – that make me uncomfortable. I always feel a fight is about to break out at any moment. A lot of these people are at the U.S. Open of Surfing.

This has nothing to do with alcohol consumption, by the way. Some people just want to fight or cause trouble whether or not they have been drinking.

There’s a series of free concerts with huge crowds and that’s fine, but be careful of the bands you choose. In 2013, one of them was dance/punk band The Faint. Probably not the best choice when you have troublemakers lurking in the area. Although let it be noted that The Faint played on Thursday night without incident. The point is that bringing in this type of band and an extreme activities mentality to a free event as a whole brings in a certain type of crowd.

A second suggestion is to have a larger police presence and instruct them to keep an eye out for troublemakers. Generally, they are pretty easy to spot. They are trying to start something – an argument, a fight – and sometimes draw a small crowd around them if things start to escalate. People like watching these things the way they watch NASCAR for the wrecks.

By the way, the police showed remarkable restraint and helped keep a fairly small disturbance from turning into a full-on mess. The small number of arrests on Sunday – as few as seven – shows they were just out to end things, not to cause more trouble than they solved.

Finally, officials need to throw the book at the offenders when they catch all of them. Jail time and steep fines – and make that pole-driving mullethead pay for damage to the bike shop as well as the bicycle that was stolen – will get anyone’s attention and give future troublemakers second thoughts about causing problems.

To be clear, the incident was caused by a few people, but their actions will have consequences for the many. Knowing city officials, they will react the way politicians react, and that is to swing at the wrong target. They will take measures to control the size of the crowds, failing to realize they can have peaceful crowds, into the tens of thousands each day, by minimizing the event’s appeal to troublemakers.

In the end,  the event will resemble more what it was in the first place, the U.S. Open surfing championships in Surf City, U.S.A.



Huntington Beach Surfing Lifestyle Video Includes Fire Pits

Iconic Southern California Beach City Features Bonfires As Well As Its Surf Culture

Huntington Beach Pier Surf City USA
Huntington Beach says its pier makes it Surf City USA but there's more to the city.

Good for Huntington Beach, CA.

The iconic Southern California beach city – big waves, long pier, lively Main Street with bars and restaurants – bills itself as Surf City, USA. But it has one other element unique to the local culture and in the middle of a controversy about it, the city has featured it in a new promotional video.

Its Fire pits.

At a time when this icon of Southern California beaches has been under more scrutiny than formerly embarrassed politicians in New York – a handful of residents further down the coast tried to get the beach bonfires banned – Huntington Beach is featuring them.

After all, the fire pits are as much of a feature of Huntington Beach as the waves, surfers and it’s famous Pier.

“You just don’t go to the beach here, you live the beach lifestyle,” the video narrator says.

Of course, the video highlights the city’s main activity and identity, and that is surfing. Huntington Beach hosts the largest surfing event in the world, the U.S. Open of Surfing, the end of each July.

“Surfing is not just an activity here, it’s part of who we are,” the video correctly proclaims.

Yes it is, but as the video shows, there’s more to Huntington Beach than meets the eye at the Pier.


• Huntington Beach Nightlife

U.S. Open Of Surfing

Fire Pits A Southern California Icon And Should Stay In Place

Surfrider Foundation Announces International Surfing Day Photo Contest

Contestants In ‘Thirsty Thursdays’ Can Win A Fireware Surfboard

Hermosa Beach Pier sunset
If piers are a Surfrider contest theme, thiing this one from Hermosa Beach could win?

Do you have a great photo of the beach, ocean, waves, or surf and environment?

If so, share it with the Surfrider Foundation and you could win a Fireware surfboard.

It’s the Surfrider Foundation’s “Thirsty Thursday” Instagram photo challenge. The Surfrider Foundation will announce a photo theme on Wednesday via its Facebook page and on Thursday, post a pic on Instagram with the tag @Surfrider and #ISD. That serves as your entry.

The contest kick offs May 30th and runs through International Surfing Day on June 20. There are weekly prizes leading up to the grand prize. Photos need to be submitted on Thursdays between 6 a.m.-3 p.m., Pacific Time. Each Friday, the top three challenge winners will receive an “awesome prize pack” from the Surfrider Foundation.

Following the final “Thirsty Thursday” of the series, one grand prize winner will be selected from the 12 weekly winners to receive a Firewire surfboard.

“When thinking of International Surfing Day activations that would encompass the international community, we decided to go mobile,” said Laura Lee, Surfrider Foundation Director of Marketing & Communication.  “By hosting an Instagram contest, we’ll be able to get a glimpse into the lives of supporters worldwide and see how they are getting pumped for ISD.”

The International Surfing Day Website is:  www.intlsurfingday.com.


International Surfing Day 2013