What Hermosa Beach Should Know About Short-Term Rentals

Residents In Shared Houses Are Helping Local Businesses

Hermosa Beach sign Hermosa Ave.
Hermosa Beach doesn’t know everything it should about short-term rentals.

Like many cities – especially along the Southern California coast – Hermosa Beach officials are holding heated City Council meetings to ban short-term rentals.

These meetings are filled with anti-short term residents who complain (wrongfully, in most cases) about “wild parties” and such taking place while the owners are out of town.

But here’s something that Hermosa and other cities should know about short-term rentals: in most cases the owners or tenants are not out of town while the place is being rented.

If you look on Airbnb, for instance, you’ll see dozens of places in the South Bay that are shared rentals. This means that the residents are there while the renters are there, and they impose strict rules on how their guests must behave during their stay.

Yes, the residents are there with the guests. They are renting out either a spare room or are even giving up a room and sleeping on the couch.

The reason they are doing this is not to make a fortune – the only people doing that are the ones renting out entire houses – it’s to make up for skyrocketing rent prices. One house was hit with a $1,000-a-month rent increase and the tenants simply use short-term renting to make up for that huge increase.

The tenants are there the entire time and have reported to Surfside Sam they have had very pleasant experiences and have met new friends from around the country as a result of this situation. More importantly from a Hermosa Beach standpoint, not one neighbor has make a single complaint to the residents or to the city.

So not all short-term rentals are vacated properties; several are still occupied by Hermosa Beach residents and those residents make sure their visitors respect the house, the city and the neighborhood.

Those tenants are also helping Hermosa Beach businesses by recommending local restaurants, bike shops, shopping spots, Happy Hour and nightlife spots and events.

This positive experience for the visitors leads to good reviews, which leads to more visitors coming to Hermosa Beach and spending their money.

Hermosa has very few hotels and needs tourists. Without Aribnb and other shared short-term rental properties, people coming to Los Angeles would be staying in Torrance (for business), by LAX or out of the South Bay entirely in places like Santa Monica or downtown L.A.

Hermosa Beach’s City Council needs to keep all this in mind as do those vocal anti-short term rental residents.